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31 Favorite Horror Movies

#13.  The Devil’s Rejects (2005)

Directed by Rob Zombie


  • I am the devil, and I am here to do the devil’s work. - Otis Driftwood
  • What’s the matter, kid? Don’t ya like clowns? - Captain Spaulding
  • I love famous people! They’re even better than the real thing, ya know? - Baby
  • You listen to me, and you listen good! I am gonna kill every member of your family! I’m gonna hunt them down like the animals they are, and I’m gonna skin em’ alive! They are going to feel the pain and suffering of every last victim! They’re gonna crawl on on their hands and knees, and they’re gonna beg me for mercy! But all I’m gonna have for them is pain! Pain and death! - John Wydell
  • You had to come all fuckin’ big stick, walkin’ tall, like a big fuckin’ hero. Got yourself to blame, hero. Look at you now, hero, you’re gonna fuckin’ bleed to death! - Otis Driftwood
  • What’s the matter, kid? Don’t ya like clowns? - Captain Spaulding
  • Boy, the next word that comes out of your mouth better be some brilliant fuckin’ Mark Twain shit. ‘Cause it’s definitely getting chiseled on your tombstone. - Otis Driftwood
  • Tutti fucking fruity! - Baby and Captain Spaulding


  • The shoot out at the beginning of the film is very reminiscent of Australian bush-ranger Ned Kelly and his gang’s last stand at Glenrowan. The armor, and the scene’s presentation, are very similar to other film representations of Ned Kelly’s tragic final defense.
  • Rosario Dawson originally had a small part as a nurse in the film. Her character was cut out of the theatrical release for Rob Zombie’s decision of not having any Dr. Satan in the film. Her character was killed off within forty seconds of her debut to the film.
  • The name Charlie Altamont was inspired by The Rolling Stones documentary Gimme Shelter (1970) - where a Hell’s Angels member brutally stabbed a youth to death at Altamont Speedway in Northern California. In the film, Charlie Altamont “gives shelter” to the Firefly family.
  • The anchorman is named Derek Sanderson after the NHL player of the same name who played for the Boston Bruins during the ’70s. Director Rob Zombie has mentioned during multiple interviews his affinity for the Bruins as a child growing up in Massachusetts.
  • The film originally had a subplot involving scenes with Dr. Satan. In an interview, Rob Zombie said that he cut these scenes because seeing Dr. Satan in this film would be like seeing Chewbacca in Bonnie and Clyde (1967). Zombie then went on to explain that all the Dr. Satan scenes would be restored in the “deleted scenes” section of the the DVD.


Bart Simpson as Horror Movie Villians

by Shane Murphy

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